{ Adrian.Matías Quezada }

Programmer at Ibermática


This marked my initial foray into professional software development.

Following a two-week training period in SQL and .NET, I began working on a desktop .NET application adhering to the MVC architecture.

During my time at the company, my skills were recognized by an experienced manager who assigned me to work at ABB's offices near Barcelona. There, I took on a plain JavaScript application with drag-and-drop functionality that had been abandoned without a maintainer. After a meticulous review of the existing code, I successfully implemented new features.

My achievements led to another assignment, this time at Nestle's offices, where I encountered a project facing a similar predicament. However, this project was written in FoxPro, a language I was unfamiliar with at the time. Undaunted, I swiftly learned the language and effectively introduced new features.