{ Adrian.Matías Quezada }

Senior Frontend Developer at New Relic


I joined the data visualization team responsible for maintaining the extensive chart library in D3.js, which was used to display various metrics across the company's product suite.

Subsequently, I played a key role in forming the New Relic One team, tasked with consolidating all of the company's products into a unified platform. To achieve this, we identified two primary areas of focus:

To facilitate concurrent development and testing of multiple plugins, the CLI incorporated a customized Orchestrator-Musician system. The first instance to run assumed the role of Orchestrator and any subsequent executions of the program communicated with it, taking on the role of Musicians. In case the Orchestrator instance terminated, the Musicians coordinated to designate a replacement, ensuring seamless continuity. Addressing this challenge was both rewarding and insightful.

I provided support and training to other teams through presentations and tool development, simplifying the development process and enhancing project quality.