{ Adrian.Matías Quezada }

Lead Frontend Developer at Hack&Craft

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Development of multiple projects of between 3 and 12 months for big European brands like AkzoNobel and Schneider Electric. Most of the time wearing the Frontend Lead hat while sometimes being the only active developer for the project.

My responsibilities included estimating and ensuring the project was delivered successfully in the agreed time, implementing and maintaining internal tools of the company, running interviews, onboarding and mentoring other engineers and prototyping new business opportunities.

For example the Specification builder, which is a tool to compose specification documents, the available options and content of the document defined by the client via an Excel spreadsheet which included rules to avoid the user selecting conflicting options. This communication protocol was designed by me to make it easier for the client to customize their tool.

I shaped, designed and implemented internal tools and packages to be reused across our projects:

I'd particularly highlight the last one for two reasons: first, before that point, each project had its custom deployment system and that was getting increasingly complex to maintain. And second, I knew nothing about Kubernetes when I started this work and after a few weeks, I created a customizable deployment system that guaranteed no downtime even when the application was updated several times a day.