{ Adrian.Matías Quezada }

Senior Software Engineer at Heydoc

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Most recently worked on the development and maintenance of a SaaS product for clinics and doctors to communicate with patients and track their data. There was an emphasis on automation and displaying only the most relevant information at any given moment.

I found myself without a manager to report to shortly after joining, which led me to pull my sleeves and find ways to help the company as part of my daily job.

Saw the need and took the leadership of the development along the transformation from a single unit to a handful of teams, facilitated most cross-team technical meetings, mentored junior developers and created my own initiative - a Slack bot - to assist other departments to complete their tasks.

I mentored the team in specific technologies such as ESLint and Typescript in order to improve code quality and product stability.

Led the work side by side with the Product and Design teams to define and implement a unified user interface with a consistent Design Language, with particular attention to making it accessible to people with disabilities. Leading every step from brainstorming, planning, decision making, prototyping, the actual implementation of a UI Component Library and knowledge sharing and mentoring to the rest of the company about its usage and benefits. This new approach helped reduce the code by 50% and resulted in a more understandable codebase.

We created an outstanding team of great individuals with the most efficient dynamic I've seen so far.