A. Matías Quezada

Software Engineer

  1. Senior Software Engineer at Heydoc


    TypescriptReactAWSUXAccessibilityMentoringLeadershipCypressJestBitbucketMongoDBDatadogSlack bot

    Most recently worked on the development and maintenance of a SaaS product for clinics and doctors to communicate with patients and track their data. There was an emphasis on automation and displaying only the most relevant information at any given moment.

    I found myself without a manager to report to shortly after joining, which led me to pull my sleeves and find ways to help the company as part of my daily job.

    Saw the need and took the leadership of the development along the transformation from a single unit to a handful of teams, facilitated most cross-team technical meetings, mentored junior developers and created my own initiative - a Slack bot - to assist other departments to complete their tasks.

    I mentored the team in specific technologies such as ESLint and Typescript in order to improve code quality and product stability.

    Led the work side by side with the Product and Design teams to define and implement a unified user interface with a consistent Design Language, with particular attention to making it accessible to people with disabilities. Leading every step from brainstorming, planning, decision making, prototyping, the actual implementation of a UI Component Library and knowledge sharing and mentoring to the rest of the company about its usage and benefits. This new approach helped reduce the code by 50% and resulted in a more understandable codebase.

    We created an outstanding team of great individuals with the most efficient dynamic I've seen so far.

  2. Lead Frontend Developer at Hack&Craft


    TypescriptAngular 7-11ReactBashC#F#SQLDockerKubernetesAzureDevOpsGithubGithub ActionsMentoring

    Development of multiple projects of between 3 and 12 months for big European brands like AkzoNobel and Schneider Electric. Most of the time wearing the Frontend Lead hat while sometimes being the only active developer for the project.

    My responsibilities included estimating and ensuring the project was delivered successfully in the agreed time, implementing and maintaining internal tools of the company, running interviews, onboarding and mentoring other engineers and prototyping new business opportunities.

    For example the Specification builder, which is a tool to compose specification documents, the available options and content of the document defined by the client via an Excel spreadsheet which included rules to avoid the user selecting conflicting options. This communication protocol was designed by me to make it easier for the client to customize their tool.

    I shaped, designed and implemented internal tools and packages to be reused across our projects:

    • .NET Core package to contain recurrent utilities like authentication and database access
    • UI Components Library in AngularJS, Angular 2+ and React
    • Reusable CI configuration to compile our projects using Github Actions
    • A deployment adaptable to all our projects that created Docker containers to be deployed into several Kubernetes clusters built in Bash

    I'd particularly highlight the last one for two reasons: first, before that point, each project had its custom deployment system and that was getting increasingly complex to maintain. And second, I knew nothing about Kubernetes when I started this work and after a few weeks, I created a customizable deployment system that guaranteed no downtime even when the application was updated several times a day.

  3. Senior Frontend Developer at New Relic



    Development in multiple internal projects to ease the development of the rest of the teams as the chart library and a dashboard library with “what you see is what you get” editors. And the development of a platform with a library included for every team to develop their projects on it.

    Give support and formation to the rest of the teams through talks and tools to ease development and improve the quality of the projects.

  4. Senior Developer at Hack&Craft


    JavascriptAngularJSECMAScript 2015BashC#Agile methodologies
  5. Senior Javascript Developer at UppTalk


  6. CTO at Peoplewings


    JavascriptGITBackboneDjangoRequireJSAgile methodologies
  7. Programador Freelance at NTR Global


    JavascriptNo frameworkBrowser Support (IE6+)TDD.NETAgile methodologies
  8. Programmer at Ibermática


    C#JavascriptPython.NETDjangojQueryAgile methodologies

Personal projects



A Quadtree is a way to organise spatial data to efficiently locate them.



A tool to take notes.

And many others…

I like to create projects to experiment with ideas and concepts, it’s possible to see many of them at my Github repository https://github.com/amatiasq

Personal qualities

Good learning ability: Self-taught programmer, raids on Software Architecture, Project Management and User Experience (UX).

Adapting to new technologies and methodologies: In constant search for new ideas, concepts and tools to facilitate development and provide new features.

Passion for programming: Programming is a door to a blank world waiting to be written, the feeling of a well-written, readable program that does it’s job is priceless.

Challenge-lover: Difficulties should be faced as soon as possible, each overcome difficulty is one less obstacle in the future.