{ Adrian.Matías Quezada }

  1. This site

    This website was created as a reminder to myself of the things I build.

    It's optimized to load as fast as possible.

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  2. Pensieve

    A tool to take notes.

    • It saves the notes in your own, automatically created, private Github repository
    • Autosaves every 5 seconds by creating a commit in the repository
    • Change history provided by Github
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  3. Quadtree

    A Quadtree is a way to organise spatial data to efficiently locate them.

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  4. You can't

    A game developed over a single weekend for the Game Maker Developer Toolkit 2018 hackathon with 2 friends.

    The theme was "GENRE, but you can’t MECHANIC" so we created this platformer where some platforms are intangible. Didn't really match the theme but we had fun creating and playing it

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  5. GLib

    GLib stands for Game-Library, the idea was to build a simple 2D game engine for leaning proposes.

    Features include:

    • Navigation with keyboard arrows
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  6. Lulas (cell simulation)

    Version 1

    A simulation of cells hunting each other. There are three kind of cells: Plants (dark green), Herbivores (light green) and Hunters (red).

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  7. Better Gist

    A tool I needed to edit Github Gists. It has all the power of Visual Studio Code since it's using Monaco Editor: Multi-cursor selection, syntax highlighting, intellisense and even Typescript validation.

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  8. Web MUD client

    A terminal emulator running in the browser connected by WebSocket to a MUD server via Telnet.

    The tool has a plugin system to track state like inventory, chat, skills tree... and "workflows" in order to automate behavior.

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  9. Spanish Constitution

  10. Genara

    A set of Discord bots based on three characters of Eh Tio! comic series. All bots have the same base structure and custom behavior is added through a plugin system.

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  11. Ergodox keyboard configuration

    This is a tool developed by a need. I bought an ErgoDox keyboard which allows for a complete re-map of every single key, sadly this is done with a unintuitive list of numbers in C. In order to quickly try different configurations I developed this web page. It allows you to visually select the configuration for each key and generate the C code to be compiled and injected into the keyboard hardware.

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