{ Adrian.Matías Quezada }

You can't


A game developed over a single weekend for the Game Maker Developer Toolkit 2018 hackathon with 2 friends.

The theme was "GENRE, but you can’t MECHANIC" so we created this platformer where some platforms are intangible. Didn't really match the theme but we had fun creating and playing it

I still play it from time to time ☺️

SPOILER: The plot twist at the end was my idea and I love it!

Your primary instinct, if you're videogame literate, is to avoid the weird animals that cross your way but eventually you'll touch one... and kill it. You may think you killed it by stepping on it but with time you'll see they die as soon as you touch them no matter how. If you pay attention you'll even notice your score goes up every time that happens.

At the end you can see this sequence: https://youtu.be/EFoffeq-BlA

Now try to pass the game without killing any Wombat, now that's the challenge. It is possible, though, I made it twice 💃