{ Adrian.Matías Quezada }

Senior Software Engineer at Semble

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I worked on the development and maintenance of a SaaS product that enables clinics and doctors to communicate with patients and track their data. The focus was on automation and presenting only the most relevant information dynamically.

Shortly after joining, I found myself without a direct manager, which motivated me to take initiative and contribute to the company's goals as part of my daily responsibilities.

Recognizing the need for leadership, I stepped up during the transition from a single unit to multiple teams. I facilitated most cross-team technical meetings, mentored junior developers, and initiated the development of a Slack bot to assist other departments in task completion.

I provided guidance to the team in specific technologies such as ESLint and TypeScript to enhance code quality and product stability.

I led collaborative efforts with the Product and Design teams to define and implement a unified user interface with a consistent design language. This included extensive work in brainstorming, planning, decision-making, prototyping, and the actual implementation of a UI Component Library in React using Chakra UI, Formik, and a few more tools. I also shared knowledge and mentored the rest of the company on its usage and benefits. This innovative approach resulted in a 40% reduction in the codebase and a more comprehensible codebase.

We assembled an exceptional team of highly skilled individuals who consistently delivered outstanding results. Their ability to collaborate efficiently and tackle complex challenges made our collective efforts truly remarkable.